This section on services offered by David Stotesbury should be read together with the Terms of Work. Legal services will relate to advice and representation in the field of fire law – in particular the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (“The Order”). Instructions will need to come from solicitors and bodies that have been granted licensed access to barristers by the Bar Standards Board. The services do not extend to receiving instructions under the Public Access Scheme. You may contact David Stotesbury on 0208 748 2447 or via to obtain a qutation for legal services. 

The legal services cover the whole field of fire law, but some important areas where legal services can be provides are as follows.

  • Responsibilities of legal and natural persons for premises under The Order.
  • The scope of the broader concept of Duty Holders under article 5 of The Order.
  • The scope of The Order and exemptions to it.
  • The validity of statutory notices under articles 29, 30 and 31.
  • The appealing of notices under article 35.
  • The limits of powers of inspectors under article 27.
  • Offences under article 32, and the ingredients for prosecutions without the precondition of a statutory notice.
  • Determinations by the Secretary of State under article 36.

You are requested to read carefully the Terms of Work which set out matters bearing on the services, including fees and factors affecting the time scale for providing services.