Terms of work

Instructions in fire law – in particular the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005- are accepted from solicitors and bodies that have licensed access to barristers. David Stotesbury does not accept instructions under the Public Access Scheme. 

On the 31 January 2013, the standard terms of engagement for barristers taking instructions from solicitors (the Terms of Work and the Withdrawal of Credit Scheme: Bar Code of Conduct) was replaced by new Standard Contractual Terms. Chambers has adopted these terms for all new privately funded work. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any query in relation to these.

The most commonly used pricing model is £350 an hour for advice and conferences. In relation to court work, the fee normally charged is £1,500 per day. Professional and Licensed Access Clients can contact David Stotesbury to obtain a quotation for legal services. Contact can be made on 0208 748 2447.  

Factors affecting the time scale for providing services in relation to fire law will include the following:-

  • The provision with instructions of the relevant document pertaining to responsibility for premises, regarding which advice is sought, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (The Order).
  • Whether there has been a technical assessment by fire safety professionals of the risk of death or serious injury to relevant person from alleged infringements of The Order, as these are ingredients of a prosecution under Article 32(1)(a) of The Order.
  • An adequate description of the roles of directors – and the supplying of supporting documentation underpinning such roles – where the consent, connivance or neglect of directors in relation to a breach of The Order is the subject of enforcement under Article 32(8) of The Order

Where issues about compliance with The Order turn on whether there are appropriate fire safety standards in premises, whether the instructions contain details of the extent to which national benchmarks – such as the guides under Article 50 of The Order an British Standards – have been applied by the fire risk assessor used by the responsible person, and whether the recommendation of fire risk assessors have been implemented.