Peter Jones former Assistant Chief Officer, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

David Stotesbury has provided legal services to South Wales Fire and Rescue Service since the Local Government (Wales) Act 1994  replaced the eight counties with unitary fire authorities. I was the Assistant Chief Fire Officer when the reorganisation occurred, and I arranged for legal services from David and worked with him on a number of important fire safety matters regarding which he provided legal advice and representation. His support for South Wales Fire Service was outstanding, and since then the other Welsh Fire Services have also engaged his services, and I am aware that they have had a similar experience about the high quality of services he provides.

Since retiring from the fire service, I have worked with David and the solicitors who have instructed him on a number of fire safety related cases, and again the services from him have been exemplary. He combines legal specialism in the field of fire law with a knowledge of technical aspects of fire safety, and his calibre has been recognised by the prestigious Institute of Fire Engineers which has made him a Fellow.  

Roy D. J. Carter, former Clerk to Essex Fire and Rescue Authority

Until recently I served as Clerk to Essex Fire and Rescue Authority as I am a solicitor. I have briefed David Stotesbury on a range of complex fire safety legal issues and have invariably received high quality legal services. In addition to acting for Essex Fire and Rescue Authority, I acted for the fire authorities of Durham and Bedford, and my instruction to David extended to legal issues relating to the statutory functions of those two fire authorities as well.  David has always provided me with timely and effective services, and I unhesitatingly continued to brief him through my period as Clerk.

Brian Walshe former fire safety manager for Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service

I was a fire safety manager for Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service until my retirement. David Stotesbury provided us with legal services which were invaluable, particularly after the Grenfell Tower fire when issues arose about matters like the scope of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and the extent to which the fabric of high rise buildings came within the Order.  As there was overlapping jurisdiction between fire authorities and local housing authorities in residential buildings, there were also frequent questions about which authority should have primacy, and in resolving these complicated questions, David gave us legal steerage in many cases which was always practical and legally not challenged.