Equality and diversity

Chambers is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion both within Chambers and more generally at the Bar and in society. Our belief is equality, diversity and inclusion and the tackling of discrimination provides the widest pool of talent which benefits chambers, the Bar and wider society. Chambers recognises and values difference and is committed to no individual or group being discriminated against.

Safety and Respect

Chambers is pledged to providing an environment conducive to safety and respect. Chambers is that of a sole practitioner, so persons associated with chambers are limited, but dignity and respect are extended to all those who are associated with chambers including any persons who may be working in chambers, clients and other visitors. Disabled clients are able to access chambers’ services; it is accessible to people using wheelchairs. A number of chambers’ clients are public authorities who have comprehensive equality and diversity policies and correctly wish to ensure that barristers from who they source legal services are similarly committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and the tackling of discrimination. On all occasions they have been fully satisfied that their values are shared and applied by chambers.

Social Responsibility

Charitable work is done to support organisations’ efforts to promote equality and diversity. A number of clients are fire and rescue authorities which have among their objectives the broadening of the work force to include more diversity among fire fighters, and chambers encourages and assists in this objective. The Sole Practitioner also works with groups with non-traditional backgrounds, to encourage them to progress to higher studies and enter the professions.

Equality and diversity policy and figures

Our equality and diversity policy.

Our equality and diversity figures.